Gun Club

The RA Gun Club (RAGC) offers men and women a friendly and safe venue for both recreational and competitive shooting sports.


Operating out of the only indoor range open to the public in Ottawa, the RAGC also provides rifle and pistol shooters the opportunity to practice a variety of different disciplines, including a number of the more popular rifle and pistol Olympic shooting events.

You do not need to own a firearm to join the RA Gun Club. The club owns a variety of firearms that are available for member use, under club supervision, at no extra charge. Our inventory includes a number of .22 LR single shot target rifles, as well as air rifles, and a variety of .22 LR and centerfire pistols and revolvers. Eye and ear protection is available and mandatory, however most members purchase their own from the RA Sports Shoppe. Club members are required to purchase targets and ammunition, with both being available in the range.


The Club works closely with the Chief Firearms Officer of Ontario to facilitate Authorization to Transport Permits, for those members with their own restricted firearm. New handgun and rifle shooters must take the
internal club safety course(s), for the section(s) they will be participating in. Pre-registration is required for these safety courses. In addition to the internal club safety courses, the Canadian Firearms Safety Course – CFSC (Rifles) and the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course CRFSC (Pistols) are offered monthly at the RA Centre, for those needing to obtain their Firearms Possession and Acquisition License (PAL).


Members currently without a PAL, can join the Club and may shoot under the direct supervision of a licensed member, during their FIRST few months of membership. Shooting limitations may occur depending
on the availability of licensed members. To increase shooting opportunities, members are encouraged to get their PAL as soon as possible in their first season as a member. All returning members are required to have their Firearms License PAL.

Members who only participate in air rifle and/or air pistol shooting disciplines and have no need to use club firearms, are exempt from PAL requirement, but must still register for and complete the respective
internal club safety course(s).

Mid-Season: January 2015 to August 2015
Fee: Adult $ 184 RA member


Training fees
Handgun Safety course: $ 50 Gun Club member
Rifle safety course: $ 30 Gun Club member


REGISTRATION for the CLUB and internal Club courses is handled by the RA Member Services Staff . Click here for registration details.




RA Centre  |  2451 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, ON K1H 7X7 | 613.733.5100 |




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