Our professional team has over 50 years of combined experience in the organization and administration of league sports, and it’s that wealth of experience that continues to make the league sports programs the success they are.  Leading the team are:


Pat Coyne

Manager, League Operations


Mark Fish
Coordinator, League Operations




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RA Sports Leagues

The RA is excited to offer an outstanding line-up of sports leagues designed for adults who want to participate in top-notch, well-organized leagues and tournaments all operating out of the RA’s outstanding facilities on Riverside Drive.  With both Team Registration Leagues and House Leagues available, there is a wide variety of opportunities for anyone to get involved.  

Extras... such as ample free parking, locker rooms and post game social activities in either the Fieldhouse Bar and Grill or the inviting SUNdeck patio are all on site.  In addition, league players are eligible for a discount on their fitness membership at the RA’s LifeFIT Centre giving them a perfect opportunity to stay in shape to play. Our goal is to provide YOU with the best sport experience in the city!

What are you waiting for?
Get In The Game!


NEW THIS SPRING - Corporate CO-ED Ball Hockey League on Wednesday nights.

We are looking for teams from Federal Government Departments and the private sector.

This league offers a 10-week season of 4 on 4 play. Games are played between 6pm and 10pm starting April 16 on our outstanding 145 x 65 foot indoor rink with qualified game officials.  Schedules and stats will be posted on our RA Sportsleague website. We are looking for 8 teams to start with but could take more with the over-flow games running on Tuesday night.

So talk it up amongst your coworkers. It is a blast to play and a great workout... We even play music between games!

And we have the post-game social covered as well... The RA's Fieldhouse Bar & Grill (full service restaurant) and SUNeck (fully licensed patio) offer nightly food and beverage specials.


If you are interested, contact Pat Coyne at pcoyne@racentre.com.
Team Fee:  $800 (plus HST).



RA News - December 2013
RA Sportsleagues Players Busy In Other RA Venues


The vast majority of members in the RA’s League sports take part only in team sports but we do have some that are very active in other programs within the RA family.   With nearly 4000 players and nearly 400 teams we are bound to get some crossover but it is a bit surprising there is not a bit more. Below we feature just a few of our prominent league sport folks who have branched out to take advantage of some of our other fantastic programs.


Dennis Seebach  |  Pierre Goudreault  |  Vivian Tam  |  Gilles Vézina  |  Doreen Howes

Dennis Seebach
I first joined the RA in 1981 and started playing Racquetball.  By 1982, I began my 30 plus years as a player, coach and manager in the RA Hockey League and have been on teams that have won several championships.   From 1981 to 1990, I played on the Finance Softball Team and won two Championships over those nine seasons.   My daughters were regular campers in the RA Summer camps program.  In 1992, I joined the DFAIT Fitness Centre at 111/125 Sussex Drive and have served on the Executive Committee for more than 15 years.     In 2011 and again in 2013, it was my pleasure to serve as a member delegate on the RA Board of Directors - Recognition and Awards Committee.  This year, it is a great honor to become a member of the Association’s Board of Directors.
The RA is a home away from home for all my involvement in sports.  As an individual and a member of a team, the RA has provided me with the opportunity to continue to play the sports that I have played all my life and to learn new ones, like Racquetball. The RA has also been a meeting spot for after sporting events and that ability to enjoy some fun time with friends after a rousing game of hockey, softball, etc. makes the overall enjoyment even better. The RA Centre has been an important part of my life for over 33 years and I know it will continue to be a place for exercise, team play and friendship for many years to come.

Pierre Goudreault
I have been part of the Moxies Hockey Team which won their respective division championships over the last three years of RA Hockey League.  This fall, I also joined the RA O50 Black division that plays on Wednesday afternoons.    I have been a full time RA squash member since 1994. Over the last 20 years I have entered many squash events, including winning the RA B-Division Club Championship in April 2013. When not enjoying these and other recreational pursuits I am a civil engineer and the President of UniSoft GS Ltd.

Vivian Tam
I joined the RA and the junior Badminton club in 1993 when I was 7 years old and has been a member every year since.   I joined the RA’s winter volleyball league for the in 2011-2012 season with an intermediate team.  In 2012, I convinced friends to play in competitive league as well so currently I play on and manage two teams.  In 2011 my team also joined the outdoor beach volleyball league. My role is both a player and the team manager.  This year, in addition to playing badminton, I am currently sitting on the RA Badminton Executive Committee in the position of Vice-Chair.
The RA has been part of my life ever since I can remember. I practically grew up at the RA and there have been members and staff who have known me since I was little. I pretty much show up to the RA at least once a day. If I’m not there playing badminton twice a week or playing volleyball twice a week then I’m there to attend a meeting, or to drop off my room-mates who are also avid badminton players and part of the morning badminton elite training. Fun fact: my mom has also been a member for 35+ years.  

Gilles Vézina
I joined RA 35 years back in 1978. Since 2000 I have been an active member of RA Photo Club and a member of the LifeFIT Centre since 2000. I have played in the RA 50+Hockey league since 2012. In 2001, I began to serve a six year term as a member on RA Board of Directors 2001. This was followed by two years as Vice-President starting in 2007 and four years as President since 2009.   
I will have completed my mandate on December 20, 2013.
I basically plan my week depending on what I have to do at the RA as I am here so often!   So I try to minimize my travel time by synchronizing Board and Committee Meetings with another activity, sometimes two.


Doreen Howes
I have been playing in the RAHL Silver Division (CRA/CBSA/SSC) since 2003-2004, so this is my 10th year in the League. The Silver Division has players of all levels and is a true “draft” league.  New teams are drafted by the Captains each season, and we head up to the Fieldhouse Bar & Grill for a draft beer after our Saturday afternoon games.
In 2002 I joined the RA Archery Club, but hurt my shoulder after two years with the club. I did not rejoin until three years ago. I am currently the House League Coordinator and am a certified archery instructor, helping out with the archery lesson program.
I have been a member of the RA since the mid-70s, when my employer (Public Works) started men’s and women’s softball teams at the RA. The members of the women’s team had very little softball experience, and took turns trying to pitch.  I was closest to the plate most often, so I got the job. Eventually, I got to a place where I could throw strikes on purpose.
I was a long-time member of the RA Racquetball Club, but had to give it up when I hurt my shoulder… the same injury that delayed my Archery involvement.  I was the Racquetball Pro-certified instructor for a couple of years.  I knew my place because all of my students surpassed me on the court.  I am also curler two nights a week at the RA and we have booked the bowling alley for work social events.
Obvious, from the list above, you can see that I am at the RA about five days a week.   It is the centre of my social life, and I have made friendships that lasted for decades.  I still keep in touch with teammates from my softball days (1970’s & 1980’s), even if we are into gentler sports (golf) now.  The staff at the RA are great. They are friendly and helpful and really add to the overall RA experience.


RA Centre  |  2451 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, ON K1H 7X7 | 613.733.5100 | racentre@racentre.com

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