Since becoming a partner of the RA in 2018, Optimum Mechanical Solutions has provided leadership on major capital projects at the RA and service on day-to-day maintenance items.  Working behind the scenes, Optimum has provided piece of mind for the staff and operations of the building, and members and House of Sport tenants are able to enjoy their activities in a comfortable space.

In an odd way, their efforts go largely unnoticed by RA members and visitors to the building, due to the consistent quality and timeliness of their operations. And Optimum Mechanical employees are quite happy to work in this manner, helping put the RA Centre in the best possible position to service its membership.



  • House of Sport: design, development and installation of HVAC systems
  • Pickleball Centre: heating systems for curling arena retrofit

Upcoming Major Projects – Spring/Summer 2022


  • Routine maintenance on key heating/cooling/ventilation systems and associated controls to ensure they are running at maximum efficiency
  • Minor plumbing repairs to full equipment replacement
  • Upgrades to the major mechanical systems (ie. pool) to reduce downtime


During the summer months, Optimum Mechanical engages with the membership through the RA Camps programs, providing camp activities for kids and skilled trades career information for counsellors.

A dedicated advocate of the skilled trades industry Optimum Mechanical teamed up with the RA to provide an annual bursary through its Trades Career Path Bursary Program, to assist young people in moving forward with their education or training for a career in trades.

The RA is proud to be in partnership with Optimum Mechanical, and has been able to tap into their extensive experience within the industry. They have been honest, thoughtful and supportive to find solutions to our challenges.


Optimum Mechanical Solutions

In exploring career paths, have you considered a future in skilled trades?

The RA and Optimum Mechanical have teamed up to create the Trades Career Path Bursary Program.