Lightenco has been a valued Partner of the RA for more than 3 years, and has contributed extensively to brightening up the RA Centre during that time.  By providing aesthetic, energy efficient solutions to play spaces throughout the facility, Lightenco has helped the RA to reduce both its operational costs and carbon footprint significantly.







  • Lightenco Softball Diamonds
  • Curling Centre of Excellence
  • Squash Courts
  • Badminton Courts
  • Pickleball Centre
  • Archery Range

Lightenco’s corporate mission statement is “to seek energy savings through turnkey sustainability based initiatives helping clients reduce operational costs and carbon footprints across Canada”. In this manner, RA has benefited immensely from the energy savings and aesthetics of their service.  

We asked them why becoming a Partner of the RA was important for their company. 

The RA has a long and proud history in the Ottawa community and we’re very happy to be a part of that. We also recognized there were very good opportunities for the RA to generate extra revenues through energy savings while enhancing the aesthetic of the spaces so we felt we could bring a lot to the table and that the partnership would be mutually beneficial".

Lightenco looks forward to contributing to the build of Phase 2 of the RA Centre and continuing to update the lighting in existing spaces to make them brighter, safer and more comfortable for guests. They are also excited to rebuild their company softball team! 


Lightenco offers turnkey energy services including lighting retrofits, incorporation of advanced lighting controls, Electric Vehicle charging assessments and installations, solar photovoltaic panel installations and more, and with clients like Marriott Canada, Homestead Land Holdings and the National Ballet School in the roster, Lightenco is one of Canada’s fastest growing companies.  


Each year, Lightenco has a staff meeting and event day at the RA, combining business and pleasure.  They are a personable, dedicated and friendly bunch, and the RA is very proud to have this team as a bright and valued Partner.