COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination Requirement

Enter through WEST WING ONLY  |  Proof of vaccination and ID required

NEW – Enhanced Proof of Vaccination Requirements 

The Province of Ontario is adjusting its COVID-19 response to strengthen the province’s proof of vaccination requirements and enhance public health measures. Your ongoing patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

  • Ontario requires proof of vaccination for youth aged 12 to 17 years of age and adults (18 years plus) participating in all organized sports at recreational facilities such as the RA Centre.
  • Ontario requires the use of the enhanced vaccine certificate with QR code (see sample) and the Verify Ontario app (see sample) in settings where proof of vaccination is required such as the RA Centre. The QR code can be used digitally or by printing a paper copy. Proof of vaccination receipts without the QR code will no longer be accepted.

Download your enhanced vaccine certificate with QR code




  • Entrance: Everyone will enter the RA Centre through the WEST WING entrance (located closest to Bronson Ave).  The East Wing and Central entrances will not be open.  
  • Be prepared: Have your proof of vaccination and ID ready. Although we will do our best to get through this verification process quickly, allow extra time and come dressed for the elements in case you are required to wait. Please remember to physically distance and wear your mask while in line.
  • Proof of vaccination: You can access your enhanced vaccine certificate with QR code by visiting the Ontario Health COVID-19 webpage at Ontario Health. The QR code can be used digitally or by printing a paper copy.

  • Proof of identity – Individuals must provide proof of identification so that the business or organization can ensure the proof of vaccination belongs to the person. ID must be issued by an institution or public body and show the name of the identification holder and their date of birth. A photo identification is not required. Photocopies of ID and electronic versions (stored in phone) are permitted for youth. 
  • Accommodations: The RA will comply with human rights obligations and accommodate individuals who are legally entitled to an exemption from this vaccine requirement policy accordingly. For information regarding the policy and any exemptions, please review the Ontario Guidance to Support Proof of Vaccination Policy by visiting the Ministry of Health Proof of vaccination guidance.

  • Masks and Physical Distancing: It’s important to continue practicing ALL public health measures even when fully vaccinated. This includes things like wearing a mask, staying home when sick, proper hand hygiene, and maximizing your physical distance from others.

  • Read our FAQs

As you can appreciate with such diverse user groups all under one roof, this verification process is not straightforward. We understand that this may appear simple when you compare the RA to other single activity businesses, but please understand that this new mandate impacts every part of our business on Riverside Drive. We appreciate that the process outlined above may seem cumbersome and inconvenient, but staffing numerous access points is untenable at this time.  

These are challenging times and while we respect some may hold different views on these government regulations, harassment towards our staff, volunteers, members or guests serves no one, and will not be tolerated. 

We thank you for doing your part to keep the RA safe and open.   

We are truly Stronger Together.

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