What has changed in the lighting industry?
By now you have probably heard about light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs and their many benefits. But do you really know the impact LED lighting has had over the common incandescent bulb?

Since 1879, incandescent bulbs certainly have performed admirably. Still findingthese lights in hallways closets, or table lamps. Fast forward to 2018, LED bulbs are the new lighting technology standard and they are found everywhere. So, what’s the difference? In short, LED lighting has a longer lifetime, allows for faster switching, and saves a significant amount of energy as it only loses 10% energy to heat vs the incandescent at 90% energy loss to heat. This trend in the Canadian lighting industry began in 2011 when the government of Canada initialized the phase out of older, high wattage incandescent lamps. Realizing the significant impact of the LED lighting savings the Government of Canada and various provincial governments now offer plenty of rebate programs and incentives to help you save even more money to make the energy efficient switch.

The provided infographic will give you an idea of the differences between incandescent, fluorescent and LED lighting technology.

What can you do about this change in the lighting industry?
So, by now you probably wanting to replace the lights in your home or your business and the first thing on your agenda is to take a stroll to your nearest department store to find the cheapest replacement. With the infographic provided you can make an informed choice about what colour temperature of lamp to choose and what LED lamp to buy – the options are limitless. Look for dimmable lights if required and realize you may need to change the dimmers to have the LEDs dimming smoothly. Ask for saveONenergy coupons for rebates on Energy Star (better performance) lamps. If you’re looking for a commercial space, feel free to contact us at Lightenco for assistance in taking advantage of commercial rebates and choosing the right LED Lighting System.

In the end for home or for business the switch to LED lights saves energy, saves money, and therefore saves you time! Make the switch today!

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