Please note that in response to Covid-19 the RA is temporarily closed. We appreciate how difficult the evolving COVID-19 situation is and we thank you for your understanding and patience. Please take care of yourselves, each other and be well. Read more...

Message to RA Badminton Club Members
First and foremost, we hope that you and your families are all well and safe. Many of our members have expressed some concerns as to when our club will be allowed to start play. They see clubs in the Toronto area opening, although in a diminished capacity, and are asking why our club is still closed. The RA Board of Directors and Senior Management have been sending out notices providing RA members an overall status update. Each club/activity will be unique in how they will start up operations. Your Executive is working at such a plan for the Badminton Club, so when the Ontario government gives the RA the go ahead, we will be ready.
Opening the Badminton Club will depend on the restrictions placed on the RA by the Provincial Government. For example, number of people allowed in the building at any time, sanitization procedures, social distancing rules, etc. Our situation is unique as there are many other clubs or activities that must also be taken into consideration. This means that the RA building must be made ready before any of the clubs can open. This includes A/C, cleaning and security staff and monitoring procedures are some of the items that they have to consider. The common areas will remain closed (change rooms, drinking fountains, etc.). Currently, at Stage 2, only outdoor recreational activities are allowed to take place.
Do not despair, we will be playing eventually. Ottawa is currently at Provincial Stage 2 and we need to get to Stage 3 before the remaining businesses, which are still closed, can re-open.
Please continue to monitor this website for any new information.
Thank you very much and keep safe.
RABC Executive

The RA Badminton Club (RABC) has long been a community where new or old friends connect in this timeless sport. Young or old, competitive or recreational, all players have a place at the RA. You will be joining some of Canada’s top ranked Badminton players who are proud to call the RA Badminton Club their home club.

Operating out of the only dedicated badminton facility in the region, club programs and training are supervised by Badminton Professional Mike Bitten and his team of coaches. The coaching team is comprised of former members of national, international and Olympic team players. Their decades of extensive playing experience, coupled with various levels of national coaching certification, guarantees an exceptional level of professional service with your participation.


Badminton Schedule



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Are you looking for a club where you can learn and improve your badminton? Where you can meet and socialize with other enthusiasts? Where the entire family can enjoy this fantastic sport?
The RA Badminton Club is proud to have a membership made up of people of all ages and skill levels. With a membership base of about 600 players, there is no doubt you will find friends to play with at your own level! It is a perfect environment, whether you are young or old, competitive or recreational, you have a place at the RA Badminton Club.
The Club’s six courts, considered by many to be the best courts in North America, are dedicated exclusively to badminton.

The many activities include;

  • family play,
  • club tournaments and championships,
  • doubles ladders,
  • coaching and clinics,
  • organized social play, and
  • social events

The Club is also proud of its past and current national champions. The names of many of our talented members are on display in the badminton lounge. The Club is also home to one of the top junior development programs in Canada. In this exciting environment you could be seeing future National Champions training beside you while you play!
If you have any questions regarding the playing privileges or any other aspect of the Club affairs, be sure to talk to  the Club Pro Mike Bitten.