History of the RA Badminton Club

 The RA Badminton Club began in 1958 as one of the clubs of the RA (the Recreation Association of the Public Service of Canada). It has provided opportunities to play badminton in Ottawa, develop new badminton players and has managed competitions as part of the ODBA, the Ottawa District Badminton Association. In 1958 – Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker laid the cornerstone on the W. Clifford Clark Memorial Recreation Centre.

In 1978, the RA opened a dedicated badminton facility consisting of 6 professional courts. This became one of Canada’s leading badminton clubs and site for National tournaments, Canadian Championships in 1980, 1996 and the Canadian Masters in 1982 and 2009.

  • Keith Hollands - In the late 1950’s the RA Centre opened in Ottawa and Keith became a member of the fledgling RA Badminton Club. He participated as club executive, and later on the ODBA and Badminton Ontario. For numerous years, Keith was a Director of Badminton Canada, chairing several committees.
  • David Waddell - Was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Ottawa Recreation Association in 1992, and the Hall of Fame of the Ontario Badminton Association in 2000. Dave Waddell was instrumental in having the RA Badminton Club as part of the initial RA Association in 1960, served on the RA BC Executive for many years and also spent time on the RA Board of Directors. Dave Waddell was the key person in having Badminton as part of the 1978 Expansion and provided his design work and specifications to allow the RA BC to have the 6 International courts that we enjoy today.
  • Mike Beres: - Beres competed in badminton at the 2004 Summer Olympics in mixed doubles with partner Jody Patrick. Beres has won 8 Canadian National Championships between 1998 and 2007, two of them in men's singles, four in men's doubles and two in mixed doubles. Beres has also competed in the 2000 Olympics and qualified for the August 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing for mixed doubles.
  • John Czich - In 1977, he won a gold medal as part of the Canadian National Men’s Doubles Team competing in the Pan Am Badminton Championship. The following year, he won a silver medal in the team event at the Commonwealth Games and won both the men’s singles and doubles titles with the Canadian National Team competing at the North of Scotland Open. In 1979, his final year of competition, he won the Canadian Men’s Closed Singles title.
  • Ian Bishop - Ian Bishop served 20+ years on the RA BC executive and a further 20+ years on the RA Board of Directors. In addition to his RA work Ian spent 18 years as ODBA President and he has been Vice President of Badminton Canada and President of the Ontario Badminton Association. In addition to his organizational work, as a Badminton Player Ian has won many Canadian Masters, International Masters and World Masters Championships.
  • Mark Grantham - The Mark Grantham Team Tournament is best known as the most popular and entertaining badminton tournament in Ottawa, which in 1975 was designed and implemented by Mark Grantham Senior, Mark was a long time member of the Gloucester Badminton Club and the RA Badminton Club where he was well known.
  • Andrew Dabeka: - As a player, Andrew Dabeka represented Canada at countless international events, from 1998 to 2009. He represented Canada at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. His highest ranking was 20th in the World, in 2005. Other Notable Results: Dabeka won 2008 US Open Men's Singles Champion. He has won 6 Canadian National Championships between 1999 and 2010.
  • Andrew D'Souza - He has won the men's singles title at the Canadian National Badminton Championshipsin 2015. the 2014 Commonwealth Games and 2015 Pan American Games.

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Hall of Fame

RA Award Winners From RA Badminton Club

RA Hall of Fame – Sports:

  • Mike Beres
  • Ian Bishop
  • Andrew Dabeka
  • John Czich

RA Hall of Fame – Builder          Dave Waddell

RA President’s Award:                 

  • Ian Bishop
  • Andrew Dabeka
  • Bruce Filuk
  • Russ Mullan
  • Doreen Phillips
  • Dave Waddell

RA Life Membership:                   

  • Donald C Awrey
  • Wally Gerus
  • Gary Enright
  • Ronald P Morris

RA Badminton Club Lifetime Members:

  • Ian Bishop
  • Anne Buckley
  • Ferdy Doreleyers
  • Bruce Filuk
  • Wally Gerus
  • Ian McAllister
  • Bruce Miller
  • Ron Morris
  • Dave Waddell