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January 2nd, 2016                                         Badminton…Spanning the Generations…


After an early morning lesson, Karen Li, 13, a member of the RABC’s Junior High Performance Program,

volunteered her time to hit a few shuttles with one of the RA Centre’s oldest members,  named Faz, 101,

who into his hundred and first year of life!   This gentleman (some of you may have run into him in the

mornings) impressively could make contact with every shuttle that Karen hit his way!  That makes sense,

as he’s had years and years and years of training under his belt!   Impressive none-the-less…


The encounter was another example proving that badminton is a sport for all ages!



RA Badminton Club Open House – Tuesday, September 15, 2015


           As current and prospective members walked into the badminton lounge on Tuesday, September 25th, they were greeted by the smiling face of Alex Bruce, 2012 Olympian, and recent Pan Am Games medalist.  She was busy signing autographs and mentally preparing for grueling night of exhibition matches. 

           Fifty people, both new players to our club, as well as the die-hard members that love seeing high-level badminton, showed up to support the event: two exhibition matches.  One was a re-match of the national men’s singles final, between Andrew D’Souza and Joseph Rogers.  The other, a doubles game where Kyle Hunter and Alex Bruce faced off against Kyle Golding (of Toronto) and Andrew Dabeka. 

           The crowd enjoyed some thrilling rallies, followed by a slice of cake, and then the courts were opened to free play. 

           Big thanks goes out to Mike Yee and Mike Conway, who organized the evening and the silent auction to raise money for the club’s elite program.  



April 14, 2014

            I am Andrew Dabeka, former professional badminton player, now full-time coach, working in Ottawa, and at the RA Badminton Club.  The RA is where I spent my early years in badminton, finding inspiration from the local professional players at the time: Mike Bitten, Doris Piche, Bryan Blanshard, John Czich, Jean-Francois Mercier, and the list goes on…  I have been molded by my interactions with ALL the members of the badminton club, and the RA in general.  It has been a positive experience, and the RA has always been a home away from home for me. I hope that the next generation of people coming through our club can have the same happy and comfortable feelings when coming to hit shuttles with us!

           My goal in bringing you this page is to tell some badminton stories, share some of my experience and expertise, and basically, gab about badminton.  Hope you enjoy the future posts.


Andrew Dabeka 

Contact: adabeka@racentre.com