Welcome to the RA Duplicate Bridge Club (RADBC)

We were all disappointed when we learned that there will be no duplicate bridge at the RA this summer, due to summer camps occupying our usual space. But we have made alternative arrangements!

We are renting space at St. Elizabeth’s Church, located at 1303 Leaside Avenue, just off Merivale Road, 500 metres south of Carling Avenue.

It is in the space used by the Carlingwood Duplicate Bridge Club, so already has almost all of the equipment we need to run bridge games.

It has stair lifts for those of you with mobility issues. Another plus is that there is lots of free parking available.

Games will start at St. Elizabeth on Monday, June 27th, and continue until Friday, August 26th.

We will be holding games on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons, starting at the usual 12:45 p.m. time. We will also be holding Wednesday morning games with the chalk talk starting at the usual 9:15 time. There will be no games on Thursday afternoons, as the space is rented to another organization. Also, there will be no game on Friday, July 1st.
The cost will be $3 for RADBC members, and $6 for non-members. The only caveat is that if the church needs the room for funeral receptions, we will have to cancel our game that day. But we will notify people on our websites and at the games
Please spread the word among your duplicate bridge-playing friends, as it would be nice to have a good turnout for the games!
Your RADBC Council
Gary Taylor, Albert de Wijze, Andrew Brown, Betty Wong, Denise de Zuna, Heather Peckett, and Lynne Holtby

We are thrilled to announce that our club will reopen for in person games on Monday, March 21st!

We will be holding OPEN games on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, with games starting at 12:45.

Entry fees will be $3 for RADBC members in good standing as of March 2020, and $6 for non-members.

All games will be held in Courtside B (East end of building).

Games will be offered until June 23rd, after which the RA facilities will be fully devoted to summer camps. We hope to reopen again at the beginning of September, pending the results of negotiations with the RA.

The two RADBC virtual club games offered under the Bridge 21 umbrella on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings will continue for now.

Please note that while masks may no longer be mandatory, we strongly encourage players to wear masks while at the club, as most players are in a demographic very vulnerable to COVID, and we know that masks help to protect us all.

We look forward to seeing you on March 21st!

Your RADBC Council
Gary Taylor, Albert de Wijze, Andrew Brown, Betty Wong, Denise de Zuna, Heather Peckett, and Lynne Holtby

You need not be a member to play at any game, but members have reduced table fees and great attendance leads to free games at the club or free entries to local ACBL tournaments.

RADBC games at Bridge Base Online - see News


RA Duplicate Bridge Club of Ottawa,
2451 Riverside Dr, Ottawa, ON   Canada
ACBL District 1 - Unit 192 - CBF zone 2


 Games may be cancelled if very bad weather (eg, blizzard, ice storm) is expected. Call the main RA number 613 733-5100 and ask if the bridge game has been cancelled or not. The Director of the game or club manager will call the RA to cancel games, before 8am for morning games, before 11am for afternoon games, and before 6pm for evening games.

RADBC games
Changes from the printed schedule will be indicated in red like this. Click on the MONTH to go directly to the month. Click on the 0930/1245 to see the bridge game results after they have been posted. If not yet posted use your " back" arrow to return to the schedule. Regionals and ON/QC/NY Sectionals are included for each month. Click on the blue " Regionals" column title to get details.

Need a Partner?
The RADBC executive has opened a gmail account for players who want (or are willing to try) a new partner for games at the RA. Send an email to: radbcpartners@gmail.com with your name, approximate MP total, contact number and indicate on which day and game you are available or would like a partner. A volunteer will check the account daily and try to pair up individuals who need a partner. Please try to place your request at least 24 hours in advance of the game so that we have a reasonable chance of finding you a partner.

Any questions? Please speak to a member of the RADBC executive.

ACBL policy dictates that the Director may not play in STaCs, ACBL-wide games, if there are more than 17 tables or 2 or more sections. Club policy forbids Directors from playing if it would create an extra table. Neither the Director or the player will receive ACBL master points.

Don't be late!
Games must start at the appointed time. If one (or both) partners arrive late they will not be able to play unless there is a 1/2 table waiting and still in the first round. Paid table fees will be reimbursed. Exceptions may be made for players arriving via ParaTranspo.

We have braille cards available - please Contact us ahead of time

Extra bridge books?
Donate to the RADBC Library your excess bridge books. Please contact Annette the Librarian

All members can borrow books from the library at any bridge game. View list of our library books by clicking "RADBC Library Books" in the menu at the top, browse the books at a game, or peruse the list on the RADBC bulletin board.

Name badges
These are good at tournaments to promote the club. Wear them at the club to help people remember you.

Regular games
Come to play a morning or afternoon of friendly competitive bridge. Bridge fees are usually $3 for members, $6 for non-members. RA DBC executive members get $1/game discount. For charity games, the charge will be $4 for members and $7 for non-members. Events are all Pairs unless indicated as Teams. Swiss and Team events use IMP scoring; the others use matchpoint. STaC games are $2 extra.

If a director is required to play with a person looking for a partner in a STaC game, neither will be eligible for any master points.

All bridge hands are predealt by computer and loaded into boards. A hand record is available with the results and is posted online for all locally dealt games. ACBL.org will store and display hand records for all multi-club games.

Please don' t wear any perfumes/colognes/aftershaves/scents in the RA.

Club members will receive a voucher for 3 free games for every 25 games played from Sept.1- Aug.31 (to a maximum of 5 vouchers). Free game vouchers may also be used at the Ottawa Regional or Sectional Tournaments at a value of $9 per voucher.

Join in September and get a name badge.

RA membership: https://www.racentre.com/become-an-ra-member/

RADBC membership: https://www.racentre.com/adult-clubs-programs/duplicate-bridge/join-the-club/

Bad cards?
Find a bad/marked card in board or bid box? Or missing bid box card? Call Director to get a replacement at round end.

Bridge etiquette, or, Be Gentle, It' s Just A Game.


  • Wear your RA club name badge if you are a member.
  • Be a good host or guest at the table.
  • Greet others in a friendly manner. Introduce yourself and your partner to people who are new to you.
  • Praise good bidding and play (after the hand!).
  • Have two legible (and agreeing) convention cards for the opponents.


  • Talk about a hand in a way that other tables can hear.
  • Make snide, critical, or off-colour remarks.
  • Give constant and gratuitous lessons and analyses at the table.
  • Argue loudly with a director - or anyone.
  • Wear any perfume, cologne, or aftershave. (Some people are allergic.)
  • Smoke! No smoking is allowed on RA property.

And yes, the RA DBC does have a zero-tolerance policy. No warnings - offenders will be punished. Annoying behavior, embarrassing remarks, or any other conduct which might interfere with the enjoyment of the game is specifically prohibited by Law 74A. Law 91A gives the director the authority to assess disciplinary penalties, from score penalties to ejection.

If a player at the table behaves in an unacceptable manner, call the director immediately.

RA Duplicate Bridge Club Executive

Brian Lamarre -President
Albert De Wizje -Vice-President
Denise De Zuna - Hospitality
Lynne Holtby- Treasurer
Betty Wong - Membership Directory
Heather Peckett - Secretary/Discipline
Andrew Brown - Free Games/ Website