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ISSF High Performance Handgun Time Slot

Wednesdays - 5pm to 7pm  &   Saturdays - 12pm to 3 pm

The High Performance time slot is defined as being solely intended for those shooters who are actively seeking to improve their abilities in the ISSF (International Sport Shooting Federation is the governing body for Olympic style target shooting) events and have a membership in either their a provincial sports organization (example, CSSA, or FTQ) or national sports organization, the Shooting Federation of Canada (SFC); OR, represent the RAGC in local competitions, specifically the Ottawa Valley Pistol League.


Positions will be allocated for ISSF training time slot based on the following priorities:

  1. SFC or CSSA/FQT registered athletes training for International-National-Provincial level ISSF competitions (examples: Nationals, World Cups, Major Games, CISM championships, CAGP, LSBA, Winter Wrap-up, and Provincials);

  2. SFC or CSSA/FQT registered Free and Air pistol shooters preparing for Regional or Club level ISSF competitions (NCRRA, OVPL, Bill Szulga Memorial match, monthly RAGC Free and/or Air Pistol match, etc.);

  3. If there are positions available on the firing line, other club members agreeing to the format of the group shooting .22 and .177 caliber ONLY. Member must have a restricted firearms license and their own firearm, unless they have an RO to sponsor them.


If you are not already a member of shooting organization, please contact one of the organizations listed below for membership details: 


For more information please contact Soren Sorenson at