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There are many RA Gun Club members who are active in competitions. We support all of our competitive members from the beginning towards national and international levels including the Pan Am Games and the Olympic Games. We practice for all small bore rifle events which are hosted through the Shooting Federation of Canada (SFC). These events include (1) Sporting Rifles Prone, (2) Sporting Rifles 3 Positions, (3) ISSF Free Rifle Prone, (4) ISSF Free Rifle 3 positions, (5) ISSF Air Rifles (6) Hunting Rifles.

We provide a Recreational Target Shooting program. This is a progressive badge system which includes elementary, intermediate, expert and master levels.

This section is an extension of the Rifle Section. It caters to all members between the ages of 13 to 17. This group meets every Sunday at 5:00 - 7:00 PM from September to May. Junior members are encouraged to help organize club matches. We also encourage the involvement of the parents and guardians, especially when there is an inter-club shooting event. Make rifle shooting your new family hobby!

The cradle for the National Junior Team is the Provincial Winter & Summer Games hosted for the juniors in a variety of cities. We also provide monthly mini-training groups.

Additionally, Rifle Section members are available to coach and supervise juniors as they learn the fun and exciting sport of competitive and recreational shooting. See the Club Calendar on the left for more information.

IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation of Canada)
This advanced shooting discipline involves drawing and firing from a holster to engage multiple targets in a dynamic course of fire. Safe gun handling is essential while emphasizing accuracy, power and speed. IPSC is heavily regulated by the CSSA (Canadian Shooting Sport Association). Participation in competition requires completion of the "Black Badge" certification program. The RA Gun Club offers the Black Badge certification course, along with IPSC handgun training twice per week.

Our IPSC team competes in a number of matches each year. We have an extremely skilled group of athletes that compete with police and military teams at tournaments. See our Club Calendar on the left for more information!


We shoot target air pistols and rifles (caliber .177), with emphasis on accuracy and competitive shooting…but not at the expense of fun! This special interest group spans both the Rifle and Handgun sections, and meets irregularly on Sunday mornings. Note that you need to be a member of either the rifle or handgun sections to participate in the air activities. See the Club Calendar on the left for more information.