• Certified Teaching Professional – IPTPA Level II since 2017
  • Certified Mixed Ability Sport Coach – USAPA Pickleball University 2019
  • Member Pickleball Canada, Pickleball Ontario, Ottawa Pickleball Association, USAPA

Bill, a certified Pickleball Teaching Professional, has been playing and coaching pickleball for the past 8 years.  Bill has lots of tournament experience, winning medals in Ontario, Eastern Canada and Tuscon, Arizona.

I love Pickleball!  I am very passionate about playing and coaching. This sport can be played by all age groups and skill levels as well as seated / wheelchair players.  As an International Pickleball Teaching Association (IPTPA) certified coach my instructional technique is to teach and promote Pickleball in the pickleball way.  IPTPA  is the leader in training and instructional techniques, and is the centre of excellence for coaching new and current Pickleball players!

Pickleball is fun, friendly and provides exercise and fitness at all levels of play! As a certified coach my instructional technique is to teach and promote Pickleball in the pickleball way.

Fun is the name of the game and the more skills and strategy you acquire the more the Fun Factor will increase.  I concentrate on correct skill development, pickleball strategy and teamwork communication and play.



  • Certified Pickleball Instructor

Don is a certified IPTPA coach who has been enjoying pickleball for many years. He was introduced to the game while vacationing in Florida and became passionate about the sport immediately.

When asked why he enjoys pickleball so much, Don replies that meeting new people and making new friends are the biggest upsides of the game. You’re having FUN working out and there’s always room to improve and play at different levels once you master the strategy and skills that come with the game. 

Don realized early on that teaching the game to entry level and intermediate players of all ages was very rewarding. He looks forward to having the opportunity to work with members to help them improve their skills and strategy on the court.