SkiFIT Class

SkiFIT is the Club’s intensive fall conditioning program designed specifically for skiers. As a gradual progression to more challenging, it will get you fit and keep you fit until you're on the snow.

Whether you cross country, downhill, telemark, snowboard, or snowshoe, you will enjoy the snow season much more without as many pains and strains, if your body is ready for the demands of your chosen sports. SkiFIT will strengthen core muscles, as well as hips, legs, shoulders and arms. We will also be spending time in class working on flexibility for the same muscle groups.  We hope to improve balance and upper body strength, increase your lactic acid threshold, and make you supple and resilient. We will provide progressive exercises for all levels and make sure to give loads of options and precautions to help participants meet their goals.

Even if you never ski, SkiFIT will make you look and feel like you do!  

October 17 to December 19, 2019
Thursdays, 6:45pm - 7:30pm

Fees - FULL session (10 weeks)
  RA Ski and Outdoor Club $ 71 (plus tax) Program Code: 1578 
  Non - RA Ski and Outdoor Club members $ 96 (plus tax)   


Please note: When registering online, the non-member price is shown in your basket.  If you are an RA Ski and Outdoor Club Member the price will be automatically adjusted at check out. 

  Drop-in rate $  8 per class  

Please note: Persons attending a “drop in” class MUST register with the RA East Member Services desk PRIOR to the desired class AND bring proof of registration to the class that they are attending.


Please register at the RA East Member Services desk in advance of Thursday, October 17, 2019 for the ten classes. Those registering at a later date must bring proof of purchase of the intended classes to their first class.