Please note with the new Legend system, there is no need to add your playing partner when booking.

Click here to download the following instructions (including screenshots).

How to Book a Squash Court

Login to your Play RA account, select “Drop in Bookings” from the Menu located on the left of the screen. Under Category select “Squash Courts” and then “Squash Courts” again under Activities then select “View Timetable” to find the available courts.  

Screen Shot 1

You will now see all the available time slots, each time slot will have a number below the arrow, this is the number of Courts available during this time slot. If you notice FULL this means there are no available courts during this time slot. Proceed by selecting the time you wish to book.

Screen Shot 2

In the court booking window you will now have the chance to select the court you wish to book.

 Screen Shot 3

Payment – if you are an Active Squash member your check out fee will be $0.00, if you hold a 10 visit pass voucher you will be prompted to use the pass or pay the drop in fee. All non-Members will be required to pay the Guest rate.


How to View and or Cancel a Squash Court Booking

In the event you wish to cancel your Booking you can easily do so from your account. Please note if the booking was completed through the Member Service desk you will need to cancel through them.

To view your bookings select “View Programs” from the left panel, you will find all your court bookings listed under “Drop in Bookings”

Screen Shot 4

To cancel a booking, simply select the booking time and hit the red “Cancel” button. If you are a 10 visit pass holder the “visit” will be returned to you to be used at a later time.

Screen Shot 5

Screen Shot 6

Some anomalies are bound to arise as we transition to this new system.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.