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Welcome Back – We are now OPEN!!!



The wait is almost over!

It’s been a long wait, too long for all of us who love the sport. But the time is almost here! The RA will be hosting our popular Friday Night Winter Ball Hockey League program, starting January 14, 2022. The game times will be based on the overall number of teams registered, but we will play 6:30pm, 7:30pm (4 teams), 8:30pm (6 teams) and 9:30pm (8 teams). All teams will share in the respective game times.
We will be offering Co-ed Mixed and Women’s options. Teams will be made up of a maximum of 8 players and a goalie (4 on 4, plus goalie). With the Coed Mixed option, a minimum of one female “player” must be on the floor at all times, (female goalie does not count as “player”).
Here are a few league details: 

  • The season will consist of 10 games, plus playoffs;
  • The season will begin January 14 and end April 8, 2022. 
  • Games will be played at the RA in our West gymnasium. 
  • Registration will be both individual sign-up and team entry (team-entries are required to have their own goalie).

FEES (plus HST):
Individual registration: $132.75 ($150)
Team registration: $1,010.00 ($1,141.30)


    Go to www.racentre.com/playra or click on the red PlayRA button on the upper right corner of the website and enter the Program Barcode or simply click on the pertinent barcode below.

    TEAM Registration
    WOMEN'S – Program Barcode: 3080
    CO-ED – Program Barcode: 3079

    INDIVIDUAL Registration: Program Barcode: 3078

    Please note:  Start times indicated in PlayRA are place holders only and are not representative of actual schedule - so please ignore them. The schedule of game times will be shared with all managers and players prior to the start of the season.

    Not sure how to register through PlayRA, the RA's on-line registration service?  It's pretty straight-forward. Choose the program you are looking for (team & division or individual). Once you click on the REGISTER button on the lower right of the screen you will be asked to log-in to your PlayRA account. All RA members already have an account so please do not create another. It is important that your on-line profile be linked to your RA account so that you can access any credit you may have on account. Contact RA Member Services at 613-733-5100 and they will help get you started. Once you have logged-in, simply follow the prompts to complete your registration. Click here to read more. 

  2. BY PHONE at 613-733-5100 (view hours).

  3. IN PERSON at the RA Member Services East Wing desk (view hours).
    Please note: If you are coming to the RA to register, you must enter through the West Wing and provide proof of vaccination and ID (read  more...).