Benefits of working at Camp


What you’ll learn
At RA Camps, we teach campers to be resilient each day by constantly challenging to think of their feet. This reinforces the art of creative thinking. Counselors are selected based on their creativity and problem solving abilities. Being surrounded by resilient and creative thinking campers and co-counselors, counselors will find themselves becoming leaders, team players and effective communicators. Following a strict schedule is essential to a well-structured day, so good time management becomes second nature.

Future job employers will recognize being a camp counselor embodies the skills that are most desirable among their employees and appreciate the determination and ambition you set forth as a counselor. Whatever endeavor you choose to pursue in the future, your experience at RA Summer Camps will equip you for it!

Who you’ll meet
You’ll meet lots of different types of people at the RA and get to know them all at various levels. First and foremost, you’ll get to your know campers and RA Summer Camps Team. Your campers will be the most important people in your world the moment your shifts starts until the moment it ends. They will make you smile and laugh, as well as challenge you. Some can’t wait to experience their one-week at camp, and others come for many weeks at a time. Our goal is to give them the best possible experience so we continue to see them week after week, summer after summer.

The RA Summer Camps staff team comes from various schools across the City of Ottawa and even across the country. You’ll meet people that come from different backgrounds, cultures, education, but all share the common goal to create the best experience possible for all those involved. Throughout the summer, you’ll often hear the word ‘team’ because that’s what we are here at the RA. You’ll never be in a situation where you don’t feel supported or comfortable approaching someone for support or advice. Because of the close nature of working in a camp environment, our counselors often befriend each other and have social activities outside of camp hours.

“I became a camp counsellor  because it was out of my comfort zone and it allowed me to work with kids which I really enjoyed. I think the best times during this summer we're when  I exceeded my expectations and did activities I would be otherwise  embarrassed to do. One of the best things about the RA is the people I worked with.  Even when I barely knew people, they'd  be upset if I couldn't make it out to a  get-together. People are extremely accepting and friendly and I was able to make a ton of new friends whom I never really want to lose touch with.”  – Dawson C., Counselor

What you’ll earn
Counselors will make a competitive and comparable salary to day camps across the City.  Counselors are paid bi-weekly on an hourly wage. Counselors-in-training (CITs) receive a bi-weekly honorarium, as well as community service hours to count towards their high school diploma.


Learn More and Apply
If you’ve read through this far, you now have a better idea of what being a part of the RA Summer Camps team is all about and why it’s an exciting opportunity with great challenges. If you would like to learn more please contact Camps Coordinator, Amy Roberts ( or begin filling out the appropriate employment application form. We encourage you to keep an eye on the incoming team for this summer by checking out our staff profiles!


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