Expectations & Responsibilities


Being a member of the RA Summer Camps Team means working to create an amazing experience for each one of our campers.  Being a camp counselor or CIT requires a unique skill set. These include:

  • a strong desire to work with children,
  • strong social skills,
  • a high level of maturity, and
  • be responsible young men and women.

Staff are expected to work and be available for the weekend staff orientation and the entirety of the summer. If a staff member requires time off that must be presented as soon as possible and be approved by the Camp Coordinator.  
“I became a camp counselor 4 years ago because I enjoyed working with kids and figured it would be a good job for the summer. What I didn't realize was how the whole experience would shape me as a person, and allow me to meet so many people that I otherwise would not have… this summer was by far the best, and it was all thanks to the wonderful supervisors and coordinator who made my job so easy. The experience I have of working at the RA, particularly from this summer, is definitely one that I will remember and constantly tell stories about!” – Mel T., Counselor
Who will be hired?
You’ll be required to demonstrate a lot of core competencies such as being a good communicator, a person of integrity, someone who leads by example and a great team player. At the RA, we lead by example and expect our counselors to be active leaders during the activities. We also expect you to be a great role model for our campers.  Your first and foremost responsibility is your campers, so be prepared to put them before yourself.

Appearance and Attitude
All staff are expected to maintain a clean and professional appearance. Counselors and CITs are expected to wear the assigned uniform. By presenting yourself in a professional manner, with your camp attire and an infectious, positive attitude, you will have already set the awesome tone for the day! Counselors are expected to lead by example, which includes demonstrating respect for the facilities and for everyone they encounter at the RA. Last, but definitely not least, spirit means a lot at the RA, so be ready to be cheerful and optimistic with your campers, their parents and your co-counselors.



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