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Club members enjoy evening outings, day trips, weekend trips or extended wilderness expeditions. RACCC offers a wide variety of recreational trips organized under flat water, white water and family programs, complemented by a well-rounded training program.  Club members collaboratively host hundreds of trips, training and social events during the paddling season and throughout the year, offering an opportunity to participate in recreational canoeing and canoe tripping in a safe, well organized environment.  The co-operative trips involve everyone which keeps costs down. RACCC trips and training are for beginners through advanced paddlers interested in both flat water (lake) and white-water (river) paddling.


Annual 12 months from date of purchase
Fee: Adult: $49 RA Adult member
  Family: $79 RA Family member


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RA Centre  |  2451 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, ON K1H 7X7 | 613.733.5100 | racentre@racentre.com

Club Events

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