The RA Centre will be open 8am to 4pm on Labour Day.

We look forward to welcoming you to RA Camps this summer!

RA Camp families will receive an e-mail with all the details on pick-up and drop-off locations as well as a complete list of what to send to camp at the start of the week prior to the start of the camp session for which they are registered.

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RA Summer Camp Office
Camp Phone line: 613-733-5100 (ext. 209)

Lynne Anderson
Coordinator, Childrens and Youth Programs

RA Member Services: 613-733-5100

Should you wish to request that your child be grouped with their friend(s) registered in the same camp program, please contact the camp supervisor at no later than the Thursday prior to the first day of camp.

For safety and security reasons, all campers must be signed in and out each day. In addition it is important to note that we will not allow any camper to leave at the end of the day on their own unless they are 13 years of age or older and we have received parental permission for this action. Parents must complete the Summer Camp Pick-up & Permission Form and bring it with your child on the first day of camp. This is the form that indicates who is authorized to pick up your child daily. If your plans change, you can amend this form at any time. Arrangements can be made in advance, should you need to drop your child off later than 9:00am or pick them up prior to 4:00pm on any day. Stop by the camp office and our camp staff will take care of your request. Regardless of the camp that your child is registered in, campers arriving late should be dropped off at the Camp Office located in the RA's East Wing (across from the Member Services desk). We make every effort to ensure that our sign-in process runs quickly. From experience we know that you should plan a little extra time on the first day of each session to complete this step.

Daily health screening. You are asked to self-assess your child(ren)'s health status and risk factors (prior to leaving home) every morning using the Province of Ontario's COVID-19 school and child care on-line screening tool to determine if they should come to camp or not. We ask that you respect the results of the screening and DO NOT send your child to camp if they do not receive a green check mark or they ​are sick or not feeling well. Although you will not be required to show the result of the screening (green check mark), you will be asked to confirm that you've completed the screening each morning at check-in.

Drop-off: 8:30am to 9:00am |  Pick-up: 4:00pm to 4:30pm

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Junior Day Camp Central Lounge West B
Day Camp Ray Kinsella Arena East A
Multi-Sport Camp Back Hill East F
Archery Camp Ray Kinsella Arena East A
Aquatics Camps Back Hill East C
Badminton Camp Back Hill East E
GirlCentric Camp Ray Kinsella Arena East A
Pickleball Camp Ray Kinsella Arena East A
Soccer Sports Camp Back Hill East D
Technology Camp West Lobby West G


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Please note: In case of inclement weather, the pick-up and drop off locations that are outdoors will move indoors. The camps that are picked-up/dropped off on the Back Hill (in Zones C, D and F) will move inside to the Ray Kinsella Arena (Zone A - East Parking Lot). The Badminton Camp (Zone E) will move to the Badminton Lounge (East Wing Entrance). All other pick-up and drop-off locations will remain the same.

The RA's mandatory masking policy was lifted in tandem with the Ontario Government on June 11. Although masking is no longer mandatory, RA campers, members and staff are encouraged to wear a mask if they feel it is the right choice for them. Please be kind and respectful of others’ choices and the fact that everyone has different needs and comfort levels.

Please notify the camp staff any day that your child will not be attending camp. A message can be left on the camp phone line at 613-733-5100 (ext. 209) or a note can be sent to us by email to Please DO NOT send your child to camp if they are sick or not feeling well.

Regardless of the relationship to a child, parents, guardians, siblings, family, friends etc. are not permitted to enter any of our camp rooms or space occupied by campers. Camp staff will bring children to the parent or guardian upon request. All visitors must first go to the Camp Office located in the RA's East Wing where they will be reunited.

Camps have behaviour guidelines that are grounded in the RA’s Code of Ethics. Staff will use approaches that are positive, supportive, consistent, pro-active and based on logical consequences. Disruptive behaviour will be handled in a fair and consistent manner using progressive behaviour management strategies. These rules are reviewed with the campers each day before the start of camp. Disrespectful behaviour, foul or hurtful language and violence will not be tolerated. The Association reserves the right to withdraw your child from camp should their behaviour jeopordize safety of themselves, other campers, staff or property. 

Parents must complete the Health Form and bring it with your child on the first day of camp. RA Camp staff cannot administer medication. We do permit campers who can administer their own medication to bring medication to camp with them. Please send only medications that absolutely must be taken during camp hours (i.e. if it can be taken before or after camp, please make all efforts to do so). Required medication must be placed in a Ziploc bag and clearly labeled with both the child’s name and dosage. Please list the details explaining what the medication is for, when and how it should be taken, and any specific storage information. We ask that you talk to your child’s counsellor present when you drop off your child along with the medication regarding your child’s safe use of the medication.
Your child’s safety is our number one priority. Our daily activities are designed with safety in mind however we do know that “minor accidents can happen”. As such, counsellors carry fanny pack first aid kits allowing them to deal with the small bumps and bruises on the spot. Senior camp staff and counsellors are certified in first aid and CPR as are the RA’s lifeguards who are available to assist with any incident. Counsellors also have access to the RA’s first response team and medical emergency services (911) at all times. In the unlikely event of a serious injury, emergency medical services will be called immediately to respond to the situation. You will be contacted immediately at the contact information that we have on file. If an ambulance is required to transport your child to hospital, a member of our staff will accompany your child and remain with him/her until a parent arrives, ensuring that your child is not left unattended.
Many of our camp programs include swimming in the RA’s outdoor pools. Swimming is not only fun but builds important skills so we wish for campers to participate in this activity. Although the pool is supervised by trained and qualified lifeguards, all campers must adhere to the pool swim test assessment with respect to access to the various sections of the pool (deep water vs shallow). If you have concerns about your child’s swimming abilities, please talk to the counsellor upon drop off. The RA has a supply of personal flotation devices available for use by any camper at any time. Hats, shirts, sunscreen are required for campers to protect themselves from the effects of the sun. We also encourage those campers registered in the aquatics camps to wear a protective sun/swim shirt. Camp staff will assist our younger campers to apply sunscreen. Please ensure to send a water bottle with your child. Your child will be encouraged to drink a full bottle of water at least twice per day.
Although the RA is not responsible for lost or stolen items, we do maintain a lost and found in the Ray Kinsella Arena. Staff members will make efforts to reunite those items clearly labelled with their owners. All unclaimed items will be donated at the end of the summer.
Your privacy is important to the RA. We are dedicated to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all your personal information. We ask for personal information to be able to serve you better. The RA’s Privacy Policy complies with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of Canada. Further information is available by viewing our policy online at
Here are some helpful suggestions regarding food while at camp.
  • All our camps involve physical activity so it is important to provide lunch and snacks that are nutritious and that will not spoil.
  • Parents and children need to be mindful of any products containing nuts when it comes to lunches and snacks. Do not send products with peanuts or nuts listed on label. Parents of children, who in the past have suffered any anaphylactic reaction to foods or insect bites, need to provide us with this information and the preferred medical action plan.
  • Remember to send refillable water bottle.
  • We will be encouraging all campers to drink at least two bottles of water per day. If your child will have problems with this, please note your concerns with your child’s counsellor on the first day of the session.
  • Please refrain from bringing birthday snacks or shared food for others as NO OUTSIDE FOOD is to be shared with campers.
  • Our campers do not have access to a refrigerator or a microwave while at camp, so please pack accordingly.

Personal belongings brought to camp should be minimized and not shared between individuals. All should be labeled, reserved for personal use only, and stored separately in an individual’s designated bag. No valuables should be packed to bring to camp, which include cell phones, collectibles (trading cards ie. Pokemon), toys, plushies or games. If your child must make a call at a certain hour, please let their counsellor know so we can help facilitate this call from the Camp Office. 

Please make sure your child wears running shoes (please no sandals or flip flops) and brings the following each day to camp:  

  • Hat
  • Appropriate attire – for both weather purposes and active activities
  • Sunscreen (counselors will remind children to re-apply during snack times)
  • Nut-Free Lunch and one or two healthy snacks -  Click here for some helpful suggestions regarding food while at camp.
  • Re-usable water bottle (labelled)
  • Daily swim; pack a bathing suit, towel and plastic bag for wet items, footwear to be worn to & from the pool and goggles (optional)
  • Footwear to be worn for water play
  • No valuables or nuts!

Please pack these additional items for the following specialty camps:

  • AquaCamp - Junior & Senior
    Extra swimsuit & towel (*)
    Water shirt (recommended*)
    Footwear to be worn to & from the pool (flip flops)
    Warm layers (recommended*)
    * We recommend more than one towel and swimsuit as campers are in and out of the pool throughout the day and a water shirt because there is very little shade when in the outdoor pool. AquaCampers should also bring warm layers should the weather be on cool side.

  • Badminton & Pickleball Camps
    Athletic footwear with non-marking soles

  • Soccer Sports Camp
    Shin guards
    Running shoes and soccer cleats
    A protective sun shirt (recommended)

  • Technology Camp
    Mouse (recommended)
    Earbuds/headphones (recommended)
    Technology campers will have a daily swim in the RA's outdoor pool. Campers are encouraged to go swimming, however they may choose to remain in the tech lab and not swim.