We are pleased to share with you a fundraising opportunity through CurlON. By purchasing tickets to the CurlON 50-50 online lottery, not only will the RA Curling Club receive funds to directly support youth at the Club, but you will have a chance to win – BIG!  Simply click on the "Buy Tickets" link below to purchase your tickets and help support the Club. Good Luck and Thank You! 



CurlON 50-50

Online Lottery supporting Youth Curling

Your ticket purchase will go directly to supporting the youth at the RA Curling Club. 

Monthly draws worth 50% of total ticket sales. 

Buy Tickets

TICKETS: 50 for $100, 20 for $50 or 5 for $20

Please use the "Buy Tickets" link above to ensure that the ticket sales are recognized under the RA Curling Club.