The RA Squash Club offers a number of registered programs to Member and non-members of the Club. Programs vary in age and topic.

Squash FUNdamentals (Ages 6yrs - 9yrs)
FUNdamentals is about utilizing a fun and laid back environment to begin to develop the fundamental movement and sports skills that play such a critical role in squash. Children should be encouraged to compete against themselves as well as in fun and entertaining game formats with fellow children. It is important to emphasize the ABCs (Agility, Balance and Coordination) but to do so in a relaxed Environment. 

Squash Learn to Train (Ages 8yrs - 14yrs)
Learning to Train focuses on teaching young squash players the significance of training by focusing on building their technical and tactical skills. Learning to Train involves developing squash-specific skills through; a concentration on the technical concepts of power under control, consistent grip. The program will also cover hitting the ball with varying degrees of height, direction, spin and distance, and the tactical concepts of importance of the "T" and playing offense Vs. Defense. Children can begin to play within a competitive environment but the ratio between training and competing should be 80% training, 20% competing. 

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