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RA Aikido


Aikido is a modern martial art that embraces a practical and lawful philosophy of self-defense.   Students learn  appropriate responses to conflict and physical aggression, using strictly  the force necessary, and without causing injury. As with many Japanese martial arts, aikido emphasizes a combination of physical and mental training, along with a commitment to self-improvement and ethical  behaviour.


                                                                                                        Photo by Devin McDowell

Aikido has been taught at the RA Centre for over twenty years in a safe, mutually supportive environment. Students are provided quality, individually tailored instruction according to their experience and expertise and are encouraged to progress at their own pace.  Aikido promotes the development of self-respect, vigilance, and self-confidence.  Other benefits include improved overall physical and mental fitness, with particular respect to flexibility, weight control, and cardiovascular health. Aikido is practiced  by teenagers, as well as men and women of all ages.

See the RA Centre website for the full class schedule and/or to register for classes.

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