Contact Amy Roberts at 613-736-6209 or by e-mail at, Mondays to Fridays between 8:00am to 4:00pm for details on facility rentals.

ARENA ICE (Year round)

The Ray Kinsella Arena is an ideal location to host a tournament or arrange for a pick up game of hockey.  The arena operates year-round. Summer and Winter ice time is available on a limited basis.   Click here for arena ice availability.

  Fees per hour
  Prime Time $ 267.80
  Non Prime $ 160.00
  Minor Hockey $ 225.00
  Last Minute Prime $ 180.00
  Last Minute Non Prime $ 140.00

Lightenco BALL DIAMONDS (May to October)
The RA has four softball diamonds at our Riverside Drive location. These well-maintained facilities are a great place to host a company tournament.

  Fee per diamond/per hour
  Softball Diamond $  48.00

The RA’s ball hockey facility is located in our Curling area.  The rink is about two thirds the size of a full size arena floor - Perfect for 4-on-4 play.

  Fees per hour $  60.00

CURLING ICE (October to April)
The RA Curling Rink is a popular place to host a “funspiel”.  The six-sheet facility is located adjacent to the Curling Lounge where participants can enjoy refreshments after their game and is available to rent October to April. Please note as we are home to our very active RA Curling Club we have limited  weekday and weeknight ice availability.

  Fee per sheet/per hour
  Curling Ice $  47.25

(October to April)
The RA’s three turf fields (housed under a dome from November to April) are available for rent year-round based on space availability.

  Fee per hour
  Winter Turf/Dome $ 309.00
  Summer Turf $   62.50

(May to October)
The RA’s three grass fields are available for rent from May to October based on space availability.

  Fee per hour
  Grass Fields $  48.00


GUN RANGE (Year round)
Weekday rental time available for security firms and law enforcement agencies only.

Looking for a place to play basketball or volleyball? Why not check out the RA’s West multi-purpose gymnasium. 

  Fee per hour
  Prime Time $  55.00
  Non Prime $  45.00

OUTDOOR POOL (Mid-June to end-August)
The RA’s aquatic facility is open between mid-June and August. This outdoor facility is a great place to be in the summer months.  

With both indoor and outdoor courts available, the RA’s volleyball facilities are a great way to add a fun sport to a company’s activity day.

  Fees per court/per hour
  Indoor Volleyball Court $  24.00
Please see Gymansium pricing above.