New - Push and Pull Routine with Matt Lewis

Chest & Back Workout

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  • Perform the routine 2-3 times(sets) for further advancement.
  • Perform the routine once a week.
  • Fluctuate weight, reps and sets weekly to overcome plateaus.

Warm Up Exercises

  • Rope Pull- Horse stance (half squat) and pull imaginary rope (hand over hand)
  • Push- Maintain “W” shape and push forward.
  • Thoracic Twist- Pivot off the back foot and twist your upper back gently.
  • Elevate, Retract, Depress- Shoulders lift up back and down.
  • YTW- Arms go up into a “Y” down to a “T” and down to a “W.”

These warm-up exercises are important to do in order to get a full range of motion when performing weight bearing exercises. They mainly protect your back by decreasing your chance of spinal injury. The exercises will allow the joints to have sufficient blood flow placing them in the correct position improving form and function.


  • One Arm Row- Set up on one knee. Keep a slight bend forward and use your front knee for support. Pull using your opposite arm.
  • Push Up- Maintain a “W” shape with your arms. Hover chest over your hands. Keep hands more than shoulder width apart. Start at the bottom and push yourself up. Maintain a plank position the whole way through. Your shoulders and elbows should be the only two joints moving.
  • Bent Over Row- Hinge at hips. Keep shoulders pulled down. Elongate arms and pull weights toward your rib cage. Make sure to pull for 2 seconds, hold for 2 seconds, and lower for 2-4 seconds.
  • Chest Press- Keep your feet, glutes, shoulder blades and head planted on the ground. Place dumbbells in your palms and align your hands with the bottom of your chest. Press weight away from your face and leave an inch of space to avoid the clash of the 2 dumbbells.
  • Paloff Press- Set up in the same position as the one arm row. Instead of hinging forward, keep upright. Compress 1 dumbbell and press outward. You should feel a strong contraction in your chest and abdominals. Lower back toward your abdominals and relax.


Cool Down/Static Stretch

  • Chest Opener- Clasp hands behind your back and pull down.
  • Child Pose Reach- Space out your knees with the edges of your mat. Bring hips back and reach forward. Elevate palms for a deeper stretch. Reach to the right and to the left for a stronger back stretch.