NEW – Leg Routine with Matt Lewis

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  • Perform the routine 2-3 times(sets) for further advancement.
  • Perform the routine once a week.
  • Fluctuate weight, reps and sets weekly to overcome plateaus.
  • Increase weight by 5% weekly.

Warm Up Exercises

  • High Knees (Below waist) stretching the hip flexors.
  • Butt Kickers (Heels to glute) stretching the hamstrings.
  • Floor Sweep (Hinge, heel dig, and sweep hands) stretching the whole backside.
  • Footballers (Fast and slight heel lift) warming up the quadriceps.

Repeat 3 times (20 seconds each)

These warm-up exercises are important to do in order to get a full range of motion when performing weight bearing exercises. They mainly protect around your hip girdle by decreasing your chance of lower body injury. The exercises will allow the joints to have sufficient blood flow placing them in the correct position improving form and function.


Leg Exercises

  • Calf Raise- Grip dumbbells and elevate heels.
  • Good Morning- Feet hip width apart. Hold the dumbbell to your abdominals and hinge by stretching your hamstrings. Keep your eyes looking down and your chin tucked in so your neck is in alignment. This will make sure you keep a straight line from your ear to your shoulder to your hip to your knee and ankle. Hinge back up contracting your glutes to standing position.
  • Goblet Squat- Place the dumbbell an inch in front of your chin. Do not let it rest on your chest. Keep your feet shoulder width apart with your weight on your heels. Squat to a minimum of 90 degrees with your eyes looking 6 feet in front of you.
  • Deadlift- Similar to the Good Morning. Grab a pair of weights and perform the same movement. The only thing different is your shoulder/lat placement. Pull your shoulders down your back to lock them in place and keep your arms “locked out” by elongating your arms and flexing your triceps. Hinge back up contracting your glutes to standing position.
  • Offset Deadlift- Similar to the Deadlift but you want to target the side of the hip/glute. You have to offset your feet and then perform your hinge. Footing: The back foots front toe should be aligned with the front foots heel.
  • Alternating Lunges- Keep upright just like the Squat. Grip a pair of dumbbells. Take a big enough step back so your knee is behind your hip. Press your back foots toes into the ground and lift your heel for stability. Make sure your back knee is 2-6 inches off the ground and step back up to standing position.

Cool Down/Static Stretch

  • Hip Flexor Stretch- On one knee or standing, tuck your tail bone in, hands on temples and lean forward. Feel the stretch in the front of your pelvis (hip flexor).
  • Standing Quadricep Stretch- Grab onto something for balance if needed. Hold onto your ankle with the same sided hand. Try and get your heel to hit your glute. Feel a stretch in the thigh area.
  • Standing Hamstring Stretch- Hinge at hips, keep a flat back, and feel a stretch in the back of your legs. Do not arch your spine.