Whatever your fitness goal, our Personal Trainers can help you achieve it!

Are you over Netflix binging and need a boost? Personal Training is a no excuse option. We work on your time, at your pace, where you feel most at ease. Personal training sessions are available both in person in the LifeFIT Centre or virtually in your home. If you are not comfortable wearing a mask or are not ready to come back into the fitness centre just yet, we will come to you via an on-line platform that works with you. 

It is simple to get started.
Contact us at 613-733-5100 (ext 213). One of the staff will contact you to discuss your schedule and your fitness plans.


These customized sessions allow trainers to design the most efficient routine possible to address your needs within the time you have to exercise.

  LifeFIT Member Non-LifeFIT Member 
1-hour session  $ 65  $ 70
4-hour package  $225 $ 250
8-hour package $420 $ 455
12-hour package $575 $ 650
16-hour package $752 $ 848



Special Offer for New and Renewing LifeFIT Members!

Three (3) one-hour sessions for $150 (plus tax).

* This special offer is available with the purchase or renewal of an annual LifeFIT membership. 





PRABHU DURAI - Personal Trainer, Strength & Rehabilitation


Prahbu is a graduate from Algonquin College’s Fitness and Health Promotion program and a CSEP certified Personal Trainer (Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologist).  He has a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy from his native India and has eight years of experience working as a Clinical Physiotherapist in a multi-specialty hospital and assisting sports physio.  Prabhu strongly believes that the health benefits of healthy and active living are immeasurable.

He epitomizes the famous and true saying ”Health is Wealth” through his guidance, motivation, teaching and safe and effective exercise program designs for all age groups.  

ANTHONY BIGGS - Personal Trainer

Anthony Biggs


Anthony has extensive experience in the fitness industry. He holds Diplomas in Recreation Management and Physiotherapy Assistant and is also a canfitpro certified Personal Trainer.  He also has certificates in Active Aging, Stress Resilency and Fascia and Body Assessment.


Anthony specializes in training older adults. He is very conscious of body alignment and form, starting slowly to ensure you are using the mind to body connection before progressing to the next level.


Anthony believes in living a healthy and balance lifestyle and has an interest in designing programs for weight management. He believes that fitness should be enjoyable and aims at making your fitness experience as pleasurable as possible.


Please feel free to contact Anthony if you have questions regarding how to make your fitness experience at LifeFIT the best it can be. 


MATT LEWIS - Personal Trainer

Matt Lewis

Matt has grown up with a love of multisport athletics. While playing organized hockey and varsity lacrosse, he discovered that it is determination and discipline that is required to excel in sports and in life. He believes that it is the effort you put into your goals that will get you the results you want. The key is to look at the individual as a whole - mind, body and spirit.

Matt holds a Bachelor degree in sport Studies from Bishops University and his Trainer Specialist certification from CANFITPRO. Matt is certified in TRX (Suspension Training), Kettlebell Academy and Tabata Bootcamp. Matt teaches challenging and fun HIIT and Boot Camp classes in a number of Corporate gym settings. He is continuing to add certification and innovative training techniques to his skill set.

Matt helps individuals and groups of any age by focussing on nutrition, strength, posture and balance. His creative programs and plans are designed to meet the needs and capabilities of each individual. Matt is an effective communicator and a team player who is well liked for his positive attitude, approachability and focus on results. His enthusiastic attitude will give you the information and extra push you need to accomplish your short and long-term goals.

He can help you turn obstacles and challenges into opportunities!

FELICITY BROWN - Personal Trainer

Felicity Brown

Felicity is certified with canfitpro as a Personal Trainer Specialist and Fitness Instructor Specialist, an Agatsu Level 1 Kettlebells instructor, and an Assistant Instructor in the Stonelion Academy of Traditional Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. With over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, she has trained a wide range of abilities from beginner to advanced. She has worked extensively in employee fitness centres in both private and public sectors, and loves being part of people’s “oasis in the day”. Felicity blends her sense of humour and the intensity from her martial arts background into fun and challenging workouts to teach the love of sweat!

Fitness has been an important part of her own lifestyle for many years, and she credits this with providing the energy she needs to keep up with all her adventures. “The biggest reward for me is seeing someone accept a challenge and accomplish something they didn’t think they could do: everything you want in life can be found just outside your comfort zone!”