Golf FIT

Golf FIT provides golfers with an alternative approach to improving performance by focusing on both general health and fitness. Our scientific training programs are designed to promote healthy active lifestyles with a golf-first mentality, helping golfers unlock their potential for optimal mechanics. We implement functional exercise techniques that translate directly to the golf swing and promote adequate strength to endure every-day life. Golf FIT experts were golfers before becoming specialists, we understand the frustrations with the game - the inconsistencies, the performance plateaus, the aches, the pains and the injuries. We also understand the science behind the same frustrations and what it takes to overcome the barriers.

Our model is based on three general principles that target every aspect of a golfer’s game and provide long-term results – progress, prevent and perform. Not only do our programs benefit your golf game, but also other sports with similar movement patterns such as tennis, squash, hockey, baseball and more.




Our methods are specifically designed to improve performance and increase longevity amongst golfers of all ages and skill levels. Without any knowledge of proper golf conditioning, golfers will often turn to resources such as self-help books or the internet. The problem with majority of these resources is that the tips and suggestions are based on body-building principles that focus on isolated movement patterns. Golf is a game that requires the synchronization of various joint complexes and muscles. Our programs are built on functional movement patterns that integrate the entire body and translate directly to the golf swing.

Our functional conditioning programs will help golfers lengthen and strengthen muscles, preventing injury from misuse and abuse over time. Injuries amongst golfers are far too common and completely preventable should the golfer possess adequate levels of flexibility and mobility within the body. Our combination of corrective exercise techniques, stretching, mobilization and conditioning tactics are specifically designed to help golfers achieve balance within the body and correct compensatory patterns that lead to injury.

Open the door to unrealized potential and allow our experts to ensure you stay committed and consistent. The game of golf has evolved tremendously over the years however, golfers themselves have yet to get any better. The latest advances in club technology are next level, but what we often fail to remember is that the clubs don’t play the game, the golfer does. No amount of technology or lessons will endow the physical capacity one does not possess. Golf FIT programs are designed to help you overcome the physical barriers preventing you from achieving optimal mechanics.