Spring 2022 Sessions


In this class, postures are practiced to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body. Breathing techniques and meditation are also integrated. You can expect an emphasis on simplicity, repetition, and ease of movement. Please bring your own mat. 

Session 1:  April 8 to June 17, 2022
Instructor: Juliana Tse Fridays    11:00am to 12:00pm  Program barcode: 3311
Fees: $  70/LifeFIT member  
  $100/RA member


 Register on-line using the Program barcode



– Will return in Fall 2022
A slower paced Yoga workout ideal for those wishing to develop awareness, flexibility and strength. This class uses gentle postures to rejuvenate the mind and body.


– Will return in Fall 2022
This course will focus on building strength, balance and functional flexibility while improving breathing and posture to help with memory, mental focus and concentration. You do not have to be flexible or have good balance to practice yoga. The class is participant centered, with options offered to meet students needs. It is a great way to improve your game.