Official Rules Governing Promotions and Contests offered by the RA

The following outlines any processes, rules and regulations governing any giveaway, contest, promotion or program (this point forward referred to as promotions) that passes prizing in any form to a member, sport team member, customer or client (this point forward referred to as participants) that engages with the Recreation Association of the Public Service of Canada (otherwise known as the RA or RA Centre).

All questions or concerns should be directed to the Director, Partnerships & Engagement at
613-733-5100 (386) or

  1. All promotions and this document are subject to change without notice by the RA, an RA partner, or by legal requirement. The RA is under no obligation to inform participants of any changes.
  2. Participation in any promotion means participants agree to all conditions in this document or others judged by the RA Management to be added at any point to ensure the RA is protected from undue or costly requests, requirements or additions necessary to ensure a promotion is completed in the manner expected by a participant.
  3. The intention of promotions is to reward participants for loyal behaviour, positive reinforcement of RA programming, products or services or through the completion of a specific task. Winners are not entitled to any aspect of a promotion or to demands or requests beyond those discussed in materials promoting the promotion. However, changes can be made to prize allocations as specified in this document or by legal requirement. Participants understand the RA is a not-for-profit and that their capacity to make changes, provide substitutes or meet demands due to perceived, or market value changes will be extremely limited and in most cases impossible to deliver.
  4. Each promotion will have a maximum estimated retail value. This value is for promotional purposes and does not guarantee the winner any deficit in perceived, or market value. Should this occur, the prize or prizes will be awarded as is, without substitution. At any point the estimated retail value of the promotion could change due to the ability of the RA, a partner, contractor or supplier to reduce the expense in delivering the promotion. The value could also be reduced should the RA be required to participate in the promotion upon request from a partner.
  5. Prizes offered as part of any promotion are awarded as is, with no substitution. The RA reserves the right to substitute any prize at any time without notice should this be required due to financial requirements, the prize is no longer available, a Partner has gone bankrupt or is unable to provide the prize. In such cases the RA will make best efforts to provide a replacement.
  6. Promotions are generally open to any participant. In most cases RA staff or contractors are ineligible to receive any prizes, unless specifically determined by the RA Management. This can occur without notice at any point throughout a promotion including before, after or during the use of the prize.
  7. The RA works with various partners who supply prizing for a variety of promotions. From time to time the prize will be passed to the RA to determine a winner and manage all aspects of the prize. In programs that target national, provincial or a broader regional audience the partner rules and regulations will override those stated here. In all other cases the RA reserves final judgments and awarding of a prize. Promotions that target the RA community and RA participants the RA has full jurisdiction for the prize.
  8. RA promotions do not require the purchase of a product or service. To receive a ballot or entry without purchase please send your request by mail to: RA Centre, ATTN: Director, Partnerships & Engagement, 2451 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, ON, K1H 7X7.
  9. In order to claim any prize, the winner is required to answer a skill testing and potentially time limited question. Each promotion could have a different question posed. Changes to questions can be made without notice.
  10. Each promotion will have a specified time limit for entry and closing. This will vary by promotion and will be specified on the RA web site, on posters, social media, fliers or brochures. Promotional material can change without notice.
  11. A primary winner for all prizes will be drawn by RA Staff or volunteer. In the event the primary winner cannot attend or does not respond within a reasonable amount of time, a second ballot will be drawn and the prize awarded to them. This will continue until a winner claims the prize.
  12. From time to time RA partners require RA staff to attend events, supervise the delivery of the promotion prize and monitor participants. This could require RA Staff to do any of the following: attend special events, play in games or sporting events, participate in the activities or ensure that the partner’s rules and behaviour standards are met. In these circumstances the RA Staff has every right to ask the winner or winner’s party to leave, forfeit the prize or pay for any overage made above the specified limits or damages made to any facility.
  13. Promotions from time to time will target specific groups of RA Participants. For example, teams, clubs or general members. In these types of Promotions, the RA will refer to membership records and award prizing to support the number of Participants on a team or in a club. In these situations, the operator of the league, the RA database or RA Staff will determine the size of the prize awarded and number of official members. In all circumstances the maximum prize size will not be exceeded and requests from RA partners will be adhered to. In these circumstances the number of RA members or those on a roster will take precedence over substitutes, or replacements.
  14. These rules, regulations and processes cover all areas of RA business including but not limited to LifeFIT Canada, the Fieldhouse, Events & Conferences, any recreation, sports or fitness program.