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November 20, 2017

Sport and Recreation Technology Company Legend Recreation Software, Inc. joins the House of Sport


November 17, 2017


Nearing the finish line
New windows in what was the bowling alley on main level looking out on excavation site for future courtyard.
HOS - lower level windows HOS - lower level windows
2nd floor - ABI Stadium and mezzanine taking shape.
HOS - upper level mezzanine HOS - upper level stadium
HOS - upper level stadium


October 19, 2017



Ausome Ottawa, a local sport organization, joins the House of Sport Community



September 13, 2017


RA and House of Sport welcome Cystic Fibrosis Canada to its community


September 1, 2017

Speed Skating Canada joined the House of Sport Community
The RA is pleased to share that Speed Skating Canada has committed to the House of Sport and moved in August 28, 2017.  Enjoy the temporary space while we build your new House of Sport office!



August 30, 2017

Let the sun shine in!  The back wall of the gymnasium has been blown out to add a series of four 8 ft by 26 ft windows (width X height). The framing for the mezzanine is beginning to come together on the far wall. Looking forward to the realization of this wonderful new space to work, meet and socialize within!


August 1, 2017

Hey Taekwondo Canada! Welcome to the RA Centre!
We look forward to being neighbours over the coming years. Enjoy the temporary space while we build your new House of Sport office!


May 30, 2107


House of Sport to Open this Fall (RA News June 2017).


May 15, 2017  |  le 15 mai 2017


The Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association provides a unique perspective to the House of Sport community

L'Association canadienne de sports pour paralytiques cérébraux offrira une perspective unique à la communauté de la Maison du sport


May 12, 2017

Canoe Kayak Canada Joins the House of Sport Community


May 3, 2017

Wrestling Canada Lutte - WCL Board Approves Relocation of National Office to RA House of Sport.  Read the WCL Spring Update on SIRC News Hub.



APRIL 27, 2017

Mayor Jim Watson together with partners from the RA and Ottawa Tourism welcome new tenants to the House of Sport and provide an update on project progress.  Read the City of Ottawa News Release - The House of Sport will be a hub for athletic and economic development.


APRIL 27, 2016


The Coaching Association of Canada announces it is joining the collaborative sports hub - The House of Sport.


APRIL 18, 2017

The Aboriginal Sport Circle Welcomed into the House of Sport


APRIL 06, 2017

The Shooting Federation of Canada joins the House of Sport's Growing Community of Sport Organizations


MARCH 30, 2017


House of Sport Announces First National Sport Organizations to Join - The Fencing Federation of Canada and Taekwondo Canada

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