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At the RA Summer Camps we understand that creative arts and crafts are an important part of your child's development and a wonderful way to help them grow their imagination. Not only are they easy to do but are are a great way to spend quality time with your child.


How to make a fire breathing dragon using a cardboard toilet roll

Recommended age: 3 years + (Active supervision is required at all times)


Children will not be able to resist making and blowing through this fire breathing dragon. 

It’s super simple and lots of fun for kids.

You will need –

  •     Cardboard toilet roll
  •     Coloured paper or colouring penciles
  •     Glue / Tape
  •     Tissue paper
  •     Pompoms
  •     Google eyes Making dragon craft using toilet roll





Depending on how much time you have for things to dry, you might like to have your
child decorate the cardboard toilet roll with coloured pencils or crayons (above left).
Otherwise, you might like to cover the tube in some coloured paper (above right).




While the coloured paper is drying, make the fire for the fire breathing dragon.
Use tissue paper in red, yellow and orange and cut into long strips.
Each strip should be about 20cm long.




Laying out one long strip of masking tape with the sticky side up, press and stick
the ends of the colour tissue paper strips to it.




Once you layer the sticky tape with the strips of coloured tissue paper, curl the
masking tape and create a tube so that air could pass through it when it's blown.
Then add some glue to the inside of the toilet roll and place the ‘fire’ just inside one end. 
You might also like to add additional masking tape to the inside of the roll for extra support.




Using a few dabs of glue, attach two pompoms for the eyes. As an option, you can
add extra pompoms for the nostrils (which looks cute).



And as the final step, simply add some large googly eyes and you’re done!




This "Fire Breathing Dragon" craft idea was taken from website:


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