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Over 50 Leagues

MEN'S OVER 50 Hockey League

FALL/WINTER – House League (Individual Registration)

50 is just a number, it’s what’s in the head and heart that matters, and the popular Men’s Over 50 House League is filled with guys who know that every day counts. This house league has 3 divisions to fit all playing abilities and offers one afternoon game per week on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday. Tuesday is designed for those players whose overall skill level limits their ability to play in the Wednesday and Friday groups. Wednesday is designed for the higher skilled player while Friday is designed for an intermediate level of play.


Fee (2017-2018 season): Tues or Fri $ 366 RA member
  Wed (two referee system) $ 398 RA member


Registration is on an individual basis. Returning players from the immediate past season have priority registration up to and including August 31 of the current year. New players can register as of September at the RA’s Member Services Desk providing space is available. Please note - Individuals who are not currently RA members must also join the Association at the time of registration

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