What should I expect on the first day of camp each week?
Be expected to be greeted by many smiling faces! Although the first day is the busiest day of the week, it is also one of the best and most exciting. You will drop off your child at a designated location as specified in the Prent Survival Guide (available mid-spring) as per your child's chosen camp. Counselors will be on-hand at sign-in tables to take-in sign-in/out forms. Counselors or CITs will also be on hand to introduce your child to their counsellors for the week.


What should I pack daily?

  • Bathing suit, towel, sandals (all for the pool)
  • Running shoes
  • Appropriate attire – for both weather purposes and active activities
  • For young children, a change of clothes - just in case
  • Sunscreen (counselors will help children re-apply during snack times)
  • Lunch, one-two snacks, water bottle
  • No valuables!

Do you allow friend or counselor requests?

We do allow requests and do our very best to accommodate any children who registered for camp with friends.  We can also ensure they will meet many new children! Counselor requests will also be accommodated as best as possible. Please send all requests to Camp Coordinator, Amy Roberts at aroberts@racentre.com. Include your child’s name, their friend’s name, and the name and barcode of the camp they will be participating in.


Can I visit during camp hours?
We do allow visitations, but all visitors must report to Camp Central first. A staffer will bring you to where your child is located. We encourage parents to attend activities for special events; however we want to remind parents that frequent visitations are discouraged such as lunches with your child each day. We want to keep an interrupted flow to your child’s day and encourage time spent with friends and participating in activities.

What are the lunches in the lunch program like?
Lunches are kid-friendly. Lunches include a sandwich or wrap, along with a fruit, and a special treat (i.e. cookie, rice crispy square etc.), along with a juice box. Any special dietary requests should be sent to aroberts@racentre.com. Please note lunches arrive at lunch hour, so a morning snack should be packed (peanut-free).

Am I allowed to send my child with an iPod or cell phone?
Please do not send your child to camp with these items. No valuables should be packed to bring to camp, which also includes collectables, toys or games. If your child must make a call at a certain hour, please let their counselor know so we can help facilitate this call from Camp Central.  

What if my child doesn’t want to swim?
We encourage all children to swim. Summer days can be extremely warm, and their bodies will benefit an opportunity to cool down. If your child is hesitant to enter in the pool, please let us know so we can do our best to encourage him/her to get into the pool, and to have someone extra close by if they are nervous. We have extra swim lessons available during camp programming.

What’s the staff like?
In a word, FANTASTIC! Our counselors and CITs love working with children and go through a rigorous hiring and training process. To read more about our dedicated and enthusiastic staff, please click here.

How are sick or injured children treated?
All our counselors are First Aid and CPR trained, and carry a first aid kit. If a child is feeling ill, they are brought to Camp Central, under the care of the senior administrative staff where they can cool off and rest. A parent may be contacted if their child is under the weather for more than 30 minutes. In more serious cases, senior full-time RA Staff who are emergency-trained may be contacted. If this should occur, parents would be contacted immediately at the emergency contact number provided prior to the commencement of camp.

More Questions?  See our Parent Survival Guide (available mid-Spring) or contact Camp Coordinator, Amy Roberts at aroberts@racentre.com or 613-736-6226.


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