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Welcome to PlayRA on-line services.





If you are an RA member or have registered for a program or camp in the past 2 years, you already have an account.  


TO LOGIN, please use the main contact’s email address and barcode as password. You are encouraged to update your password under “Account” after your initial login.  Click here to Get Started.


If you do not know your barcode, select 'Reset Password' and enter the email that the RA has on file as the main contact. You will be sent a link to reset your password.


RA FAMILY MEMBERS – If you wish to add a family member to your Association Family Membership, please contact Member Services at 613-733-5100 to ensure that they receive the RA member discount.  


NON-MEMBERS & GUESTS – Create your on-line account to register for any camp or program at the non-member fee.  If you wish to join the RA, a not-for-profit serving our community for over 75 years, please contact RA Member Services at 613-733-5100.



We Appreciate  Your Patience! 


We have transitioned to a new registration and recreation management software and things may take a little longer at the Member Services desk as we adjust to this new registration interface.  


We are pleased to be launching this new registration and recreation management software.  RA members and clients will benefit from faster registration access, online booking functionality and a consistent user experience across multiple devices.  


Some anomalies are bound to arise as we transition to this new system and the Member Services staff will review these files as they become apparent.


We apologize for the temporary inconvenience as we work to improve our member service.

Click here to access PlayRA on-line services.    


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