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April 4, 2018

Perfect Skating joins the growing House of Sport Community
(Ottawa, ON) - The RA is pleased to welcome Perfect Skating to the growing Canadian Sport Community located in the House of Sport.
Perfect Skating, an on-ice movement and skill methodology for hockey players, inspires passionate coaches around the world to help hockey athletes receive kinetic feedback and develop personal plans to increase performance.
"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. At Perfect Skating it's all about connecting, serving, leading and stretching for a higher purpose of on-ice movement and life performance," says Shawn Allard, the creator of Perfect SkatingTM and the Perfect Hockey Franchise SystemTM. "This is our culture, our community, our mantra and our code. It wakes us up early every morning, energizes our world and makes a difference in the lives we touch."
Perfect Skating will not only benefit from the energy of a community of sport organizations who share a passion for quality sport experience, they will also leverage the economies of scale that this collaborative project offers. The ability to access shared meeting rooms and technology services to drive their sport business will provide a market differentiator.
"Perfect Skating is a unique business which will benefit from working closely with some of the top sport organizations in the country," says Tosha Rhodenizer, RA Chief Executive Officer. "By creating a shared environment, the House of Sport will work to lower costs and create an administrative centre of excellence that is accessible and beneficial to all organizations regardless of their size."
This Canadian Sport Hub, on-site at the RA Centre offers an open concept community complemented by a wide range of services and meeting rooms and supports member organizations by leveraging economies of scale to drive down costs. This is on top of the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded organizations and access health and wellness opportunities for staff members.



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