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July 21, 2014


RA Photo Club of Ottawa Celebrates 75th Anniversary

The RA Photo Club of Ottawa, one of Canada’s largest and best equipped clubs for photographers, celebrates its 75th Anniversary in 2014-2015. Anniversary celebrations will begin Tuesday, Sept. 2nd, with the release of a souvenir booklet tracing, in words and photos, the club’s growth and development. Anniversary themes will be featured at the Annual Open House scheduled for September 30, 2014, and in regular programming during 2014-2015. Former Photo Club members will be invited to the RA Photo Club of Ottawa Reunion Banquet to be held Tuesday, Nov. 18th at the RA Centre to further celebrate the rich stories and experiences of past and present members.


Bill McCloskey, past Chairperson, attributed the “exceptional vibrancy” of the club to “the astonishingly large number of volunteers who make it all work.” As many as one out of every four members undertakes volunteer tasks. The RA Photo Club of Ottawa was founded in 1939 as part of the Ottawa Recreation Association for Federal Government Employees. Beginning in the late 70s participation in the club opened to anyone interested in photography and now attracts members from all over Ottawa. With club membership nearing 300, monthly meetings occur throughout the summer and weekly from September to May at the centrally located RA Centre off Riverside Drive.


Operating its own studio, digital and traditional darkrooms, and photo gallery, the RA Photo Club of Ottawa conducts frequent educational workshops, photography outings and print exhibits. RA Photo Club of Ottawa also hosts annual inter-club photo competitions and audio-visual showcases in partnership with other area photo clubs.


About the RA Centre

The RA Centre is operated by the Recreation Association of the Public Service of Canada (RA). The RA Centre is the largest private not-for-profit recreation and leisure facility in Canada offering sports, recreation and fitness programs and services to all ages. With an outstanding line-up of fitness programs, sports leagues designed for adults, summer camps for youth and clubs for all ages the RA is the destination to create a great sport experience. Delivered in a safe environment that values fun, respect and excellence, the RA members celebrate in a social atmosphere with a new story created each day. As a turnkey facility, the RA Centre offers  a restaurant, a range of conference rooms for meetings, weddings and banquets all supported by our great menu of catered meals.




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