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November 20, 2014




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(November 20, 2014 – Ottawa, ON)


The Recreation Association of the Public Service of Canada (RA) Management is disappointed to announce that today 27 unionized employees have elected to exercise their democratic right to strike.  All RA locations will continue to operate as scheduled. Management wishes to reassure our members and clients that they can continue enjoying the over 50 activities, 25 clubs and many sport league play through regular operations. The not-for-profit RA’s main focus at this time is to continue delivering the quality programming members have become accustomed to receive, ensuring their safety and support. Please note that members and visitors to RA locations may face delays upon entering the properties and are encouraged to remain patient and respectful. It is for that reason we suggest that additional time be planned in advance of coming to the facility.

The Union represents 33 employees at the RA which is approximately 10% of the RA’s total employee complement. However, two of the three bargaining units or 27 of the employees have elected to walk off the job.  The remaining 6 employees (part-time property employees) will be in a legal position to strike on December 6, 2014. These employees, who work primarily in Property & Facility Services, represent a small portion of our workforce, approximately less than 10%.

The RA remains confident that an agreement will be reached in due course and awaits word from the Union as to when they wish to reconvene at the bargaining table.

About the Recreation Association for the Public Service of Canada (RA)
The RA is the largest private not-for-profit recreation and leisure Association in Ottawa serving over 22,000 active members. With an outstanding line-up of fitness programs, sports leagues, summer camps and clubs for all ages the RA is the destination to live a great sport experience. Delivered in a safe environment that values fun, respect and excellence, the RA members celebrate in a social atmosphere with a new story created each day.




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