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December 3, 2015

Rideau Tennis Club Excited to Support the Opening of the Adàwe Crossing
(Ottawa, ON) December 3, 2015 - The Rideau Tennis Club is excited to support the opening of the Adàwe Crossing connecting Donald Street and Somerset Street East on Friday, December 4 at 1:00pm. The opening will be celebrated with Mayor Jim Watson, Rideau-Rockcliffe Councillor Tobi Nussbaum and Rideau-Vanier Ward Councillor Mathieu Fleury. The official opening will begin on the Somerset side (in Strathcona Park) and finish on Donald Street with hot chocolate served by the Rideau Tennis Club.
The Adàwe Crossing opening marks a historic moment in the history of the Rideau Tennis Club. In 1913 the Rideau Tennis Club's had just completed a first year of operation. It also coincided with the construction of a footbridge connecting Strathcona Park with what today is known as Overbrook. It did not take long for the bridge to become a main thoroughfare for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. Although an initial agreement was struck for the Overbrook community and Rideau Tennis Club to maintain costs of the bridge, the Club was left to carry the full financial burden in the end. During the early years, rushing spring currents were always a risk, often flowing right over the bridge. The water was not a deterrent for the bridge users, and on one occasion a horse and rider were swept off the bridge while attempting to cross. News reports documented the process to save the horse and rider.
In 1953 the bridge met an untimely end as the Rideau River was flowing full tilt when Bonnie McIntosh (Kines) left the Rideau Tennis Club on the evening of May 26. She was half way across the wooden footbridge when it broke loose on the club side (Overbrook) and overturned. Ms. McIntosh was a terrified non-swimmer who dramatically clung to the bridge, in frigid waters until rescuers arrived. Several people helped Ms. McIntosh including two boys in a leaky boat using broomsticks as oars. Two other young women Odette Dupont and Pauline Ranger were also on the bridge coming from the Strathcona Park side when a young man jumped into the water fully dressed to assist them. The bridge eventually came to rest below the USSR Embassy. The Rideau Tennis Club members joined Overbook residents in a petition-spearheaded by Mr and Mrs Wiliam Corrigan to the City of Ottawa to have the bridge re-built but neither the City nor the Federal District Commission was prepared to assume responsibility and members were left to go to the Club the long way around.
With the Adàwe Crossing opening, the bridge first built in 1913 has returned in 2015 form. This new crossing will allow residents and members who reside in Sandy Hill to easily cross the river and enjoy a beautiful walk over to the club. The name Adàwe is the Algonquin term meaning "to trade" and is symbolic of the history of the Rideau River, the aboriginal heritage of the area and the bridge's ability to link the communities on either side.
About the Rideau Tennis Club
The Rideau Tennis Club is operated by the Recreation Association of the Public Service of Canada (RA). The RA also operates the RA Centre, offering sports, recreation and fitness programs and services to all ages. The Rideau Tennis Club is a year round club situated on the picturesque banks of the Rideau River serving members since 1912. The Club, which is located five minutes from downtown Ottawa at the intersection of North River Road and Donald Street, offers 19 outdoor tennis courts during the summer season. In the winter, the eight hard courts are active under two air domes. Offering food and beverage services from the Breakpoint Bistro, a range of programming for children and adults, the Rideau Tennis Club offers the perfect combination of social atmosphere and tennis experiences.

About the RA
The RA is a member supported not-for-profit operating the RA Centre, a multi-sport, recreation and leisure facility, and the Rideau Tennis Club, both conveniently located in the heart of Ottawa. With an outstanding line-up of fitness programs, sports leagues designed for adults, summer camps for youth and clubs for all ages the RA is the destination to add great experiences to your life. Delivered in a safe environment that values fun, respect and excellence, the RA members celebrate in a social atmosphere with a new story created each day. The RA Centre offers a restaurant, a range of conference rooms for meetings, weddings and banquets all supported by our innovative menu designed by our Executive Chef.

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