Community Partners Fuel the RA!

For over 70 years, the RA Centre has served as a “second home” for thousands of members who want to improve their level of fitness and wellness, compete in a wide range of sports and socialize with like-minded people. Our members represent the best of the National Capital Region and they have the stories to back it up!

With over 22,000 members, there is no other operation in the National Capital Region that matches the scope of activities and membership of the RA Centre.

The RA works with great partners to ensure the members can build their book of stories. Our partner’s represent a wide range of sectors offering benefits to our members and the Association. The partners help the RA offer reduced costs for programs, control Association fees and increase our visibility in the community. We hope you will support our partners, just as they have supported the RA.



Interested joining an elite group of partners? Contact Bryan R. Merrett at or 613-733-5100 (386) to learn more.


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Proud Partners of the RA.








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