Make a donation and have your name and/or message placed on a rock handle … or two

All donations will go to the curling club’s rock replacement fund.

We offer several options, for both new time donors and those making a renewal. You can choose to have your name and/or inscription placed on a rock handle for 5 years, 10 years or for the rock lifetime.


If you adopted a rock 3 or more years ago- it is time for renewal! Your rock will be held for you until November 2, 2018. After that it will be made available to new donors. Please fill in the RENEWAL form and bring it to the RA’s East desk.

                           Renewal options and Fees


Renewal Period One Rock Two Rocks
5 years $225 $425
10 years $400 $775
Rock Lifetime $700 $1350

If this is your first time making a donation. Please use the NEW DONOR form and take it to the RA’s East desk.

                      New Donor options and fees


Period One Rock Two Rocks
5 Years $250 $475
10 Years $450 $875
Rock Lifetime $750 $1450

Please take the time to carefully look over and fill in the forms.


The forms contain all the information and explanations you need. Each form lays out the appropriate donation structure and provides space to include details on inscription. If you
have previously donated to rock handles and cannot remember how many handles you already have, what rocks they are on, or what the inscription is, you can contact Margo Burgess

Thank you for supporting your curling club in its rock replacement fundraising initiative!

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