PLEASE NOTE: Access to the Archery range has been disrupted (June, July & August) as the RA undertakes major renovation work in the Curling Centre. At this time, the Archery range may only be accessed through the exterior door adjacent to the sliding glass doors of the Ray Kinsella Arena (East Wing) and the Sundeck patio. There is absolutely no access to the range through the building. Please park in the RA's East parking lot and walk carefully along side the hoarded-off construction area outside the Ray Kinsella Arena entrance. The Archery range and washrooms are situated at the top of the stairs located immediately inside the entrance.

NOTE ABOUT ACCESSIBILITY: The RA makes every reasonable effort to ensure that its policies, practices and procedures are consistent with the principles of dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity. However, due to the limitations of this temporary entrance to the range, accessibility issues may arise. Please contact the RA Member Services at (613) 733-5100 prior to arrival to confirm whether we can meet your expectations.

Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.


NEWRA Archery Members are required to pre-book their times in the range. The range may be booked 7 days in advance.

Supervised Member/Non-Member Bookings

Open to RA Archery Club members and non-Members wishing to drop in and shoot under the supervision of a Range Officer or Club Pro. Booking is required through PlayRA.
Please note: If you are an RA Archery Club member the non-member fee will be reduced to $0.00 at check-out. If the fee does not discount, please contact RA Member Services at 613-733-5100 to ensure that your membership file is tied to your on-line account.

NEW! Certified Member Bookings

Only open to RA Archery Club members who have successfully completed the Archery Safety Course. If you are an RA Archery Club member and wish to extend your booking time, please register to the Archery Safety course. Click here for available times.

Please note: There is a $1000 non-member fee associated with these bookings to avoid accidental bookings. At check-out the fee will be discounted to $0.00 for RA Archery Club members who have successfully completed the Archery Safety Course. If you have completed the safety course and the fee does not discount, please do not complete the transaction and contact Club Pro, Bruce Malmberg for assistance. 

Summer Schedule - as of July 2 to September 6

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 Archery Schedule


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